Nataša Hergold Mežič

CEO and real estate agent, Coast Region


Об агенте

She first joined the company as a real estate agent, then in 2009 took over the reins of management and became a CEO. With her extensive real estate expertise, professionalism and good organization, she solves and does all management tasks and at the same time is still an excellent real estate agent in the Coastal Region. With her energy she manages to solve many problems of clients and colleagues. Her positive attitude and simplicity help to make both clients and co-workers feel relaxed and motivated to work. This is also the reason why most of her co-workers have been standing by her side for more than a decade. Due to her good knowledge of English and passive knowledge of Italian and Russian, she also cooperates very well with foreigners. She is not afraid of challenges and likes to try new things, and maintains exceptional fitness and energy through sports activities.

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